What is PA Power Switch?

Pennsylvania energy consumers have probably heard about PA Power Switch. This Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission program is a resource for the changes that happened in Pennsylvania in the late 20th century – energy deregulation. Prior to this, Pennsylvania energy consumers could only purchase their power supply from utility electricity providers at regulated rates. However, energy deregulation unbundled the facets of the energy market, giving the supply side of the business an open market for competition. PA Power Switch is the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s comparison resource, allowing consumers to research what deregulation means for them before selecting a plan from competitive electricity providers.

How PA electric choice can benefit consumers

As a result of energy deregulation, consumers have PA electric choice. Just as consumers can choose what company supplies their phone service, they can also choose where they purchase their energy. Many competitive electricity providers have gone into business, offering alternative supply rates to those of the utility. PA electric choice creates these options, giving consumers the option of finding a supply plan that is more fitting to the needs of their home or business.

Shopping among competitive electricity providers

While PA electric choice allows consumers to pick a supply plan from a variety of alternative electricity providers, that also means consumers have some work to do. Many options means lots of research and it’s important that consumers make an informed decision when selecting a plan. Whether you’re looking for electric rates in Philadelphia, energy plans in Pittsburgh or even a new supplier in a rural area of Pennsylvania, a good rule of thumb for selecting competitive electricity providers is to know what you’re looking for. The open market has created a handful of supply plans with different incentives.

  • Stable-rate supply plans involve a set rate per kWh for the length of the agreement. While these supply plans typically involve a contractual period, they are likely to protect consumers from the regularly changing regulated supply rates.
  • Variable-rate supply plans follow the market value of the commodity. These supply plans allow consumers to take advantage of market lows. Conversely, consumers must be prepared for market highs so they do not get caught by surprise with a pricey bill.

ElectricityRatesPennsylvania.com is here to assist you

Getting a new energy plan is a big decision. We understand how many variables you must consider before deciding what is right for you. That’s why we’re here to assist you along this journey. ElectricityRatesPennsylvania.com and our energy specialists help consumers – just like you – find a supply plan that’s right for their home or business. Begin your research by reading about some of the suppliers that offer plans in your area. When you’re ready to get down to business, give us a call and one of our specialists will be happy to help you make an informed decision about your electricity supply plan.

Source: www.papowerswitch.com. Updated: 5-21-15.