Understand Green Electricity

You may have heard the term “green electricity” and wondered what it means. Green electricity is power generated from renewable resources such as solar or wind. What sets it apart the most, though, is that this renewable electricity does not emit carbon, meaning it is clean energy that does not directly cause pollution. Green electricity is seen as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional “brown energy” such as coal, natural gas or even nuclear power. Since the EPA has been creating renewable energy requirements to reduce the amount of carbon and other pollution, green energy is becoming a priority for Pennsylvania and many other states around the U.S.

Different types of green electricity

While green energy is classified as any energy generated from a renewable resource, there are a few go-to resources that generate this sort of power in the U.S. These most common forms of renewable energy are what you’ll typically see available from or associated with green electricity suppliers.

  • Solar energy requires the use of special panels that capture the heat from the sun and turn it into electricity. Many homeowners are installing their own home solar power systems. However, many utilities are also investing in solar panel farms.
  • Wind energy uses wind turbines to harness the power of wind to create electricity. This form of renewable energy is fairly popular in Pennsylvania with several large wind power projects already producing electricity.
  • Hydro energy creates electricity from water turbines set in motion by the water current. This form of green electricity generates about 10% of American electricity.
  • Geothermal energy takes heat from the earth’s core to create steam that can turn a turbine and create electricity. Geothermal power makes up about .5% of the American energy mix.

How to find green electricity suppliers

Since Pennsylvania has a deregulated energy market, consumers have more access to green energy than consumers who live in regulated markets. Energy deregulation gives consumers the option to choose an alternative supplier for their energy supply. Green electricity suppliers are among this mix of alternative Pennsylvania energy suppliers. Therefore, even if the nearby utility doesn’t generate green energy, eco-conscious consumers who would prefer to purchase renewable electricity can easily find green electricity suppliers with a little research. In some cases, alternative suppliers may have green energy products that consumers may purchase in addition to their energy plan. These plans often guarantee the equivalent of up to 100% of consumers’ electricity use is generated with green resources and added to the grid on their behalf to reduce their carbon footprint.