Get Commercial Energy Rates in Pennsylvania

Most businesses have no option when it comes to their energy supply. These are businesses operating in regulated markets that require all consumers to purchase their business electricity and natural gas from the utility at regulated commercial energy rates that may fluctuate with the energy market. Pennsylvania is different. In the mid-1990s, the PA government deregulated the energy market with the Electricity Generation Customer Choice and Competition Act, which unbundled the supply facet of the energy business from generation and delivery. This created competition in the energy market, resulting in various alternative commercial energy rates on supply for Pennsylvania businesses.

What to look for in a business electricity or natural gas supply rate

Commercial energy rates on supply are available in a variety of forms for a reason. It gives more opportunity for businesses to find a plan that’s suitable for their needs. In fact, many alternative suppliers offer customized business energy plans. The majority of these supply plans offer business electricity rates and natural gas rates that can come with different incentives. When formulating a customized energy supply plan, most energy specialists take into account several factors.

  • Average monthly energy use. There is typically a significant difference between a mom-and-pop shop and a corporation’s energy use. Energy specialists often find the average energy use per month before determining what a supply plan should entail.
  • The industry. Tying into energy use, industry has a lot to do with how much energy a business consumes. For instance, a retail store generally uses less energy than a tech company.
  • Hours of operation. It goes without saying that a business that is open 24/7 will consume more energy than an office that is open for eight hours, five days a week.

Getting help with commercial energy rates

Finding a customized energy plan for your business requires a little work but is worth the effort. Every business is different and has special needs. Why not look into a supply plan that is tailored to what a business requires to operate properly? and our commercial energy representatives specialize in helping businesses find customized plans that cater to specific needs. Commercial energy rates aren’t one-size-fits-all so we take into consideration the demands and operations of each specific business to ensure a supply plan is a good fit. Get a free quote by calling today or providing us with your contact information. You have nothing to lose by looking into alternative business electricity rates on supply as well as natural gas plans. Make sure you’ve got a commercial energy supply plan that works well for your company.