Commerce Energy Is Now Just Energy in Pennsylvania

Commerce Energy, now known as Just Energy, is an energy supplier that offers competitive electricity and natural gas rates in the state of Pennsylvania. Just Energy has been offering energy supply rates for homes and businesses in energy choice markets for 20 years. According to its website, Just Energy is one of the few suppliers with the scope, depth and caliber of expertise and experience to meet the needs of both residential and large commercial customers. Explore to shop and compare new supply plans

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Discover Just Energy green energy product options

Just Energy in Pennsylvania offers green energy products for both electricity and natural gas plans. These green energy options allow consumers to purchase a certain amount of renewable energy in an effort to reduce their home's or business' carbon footprint. Depending on a consumer's address, he or she can purchase up to 100 percent of the home's energy use in renewable energy credits, or offsets, that neutralize the home's carbon use. These JustGreen products are available for both electricity and natural gas use.

Understanding energy rates in Pennsylvania's energy choice market

Prior to 1996, Pennsylvania had an energy market set up like the majority of the United States – regulated. In a regulated market, consumers may only purchase their supply from the utility at rates that are regulated by the government. However, the Electricity Generation Customer Choice and Competition Act gave Pennsylvania energy consumers another option. They may now choose energy supply rates from their utility or look around at alternative suppliers to find a supply plan that may better fit their needs. For example, fixed-rate plans allow consumers to pay an agreed-upon rate per energy unit for the duration of the contract, making it easier for consumers to predict their monthly energy bill based on their usage. knows supply rates

Living in an energy choice market means you have more options than many American energy consumers. Sifting through these options may take a lot of work.'s team of energy specialists want to take some of the load off. Our site details some of the options in your area so you can begin your research. When you're ready for more information, pick up the phone and give us a call! One of our specialists will be happy to assist you in finding a supply plan for your home or business.